5.3.1 Patch Notes

Adzel_Firestar aSenior Modo posted Thu at 0:50  -  Silent's Patch Notes

5.3.1 Patch Notes

- /rpack has returned. This will load FraggleCrafts custom Texture Pack. Right now we have textures for ALL farming seeds, both miner and bud bags, and all custom ingots. This Resource Pack will not override any of your current texture pack textures except for Fraggles custom items. You must have a 1.12+ Client and Optifine for this texture pack to run.

- Buffed Netherrack's sell price to balance out the changes made to stone/coal.

- Added Efficency to Hoes in the Enchanter.

Policy Change (Retired Staff)

Adzel_Firestar aSenior Modo posted Mon at 20:08

Hey everyone, wanted to let you know of a quick policy change we decided on as a team here on FraggleCraft. We are now allowing retired staff to re-apply at any time. We weren't sure if any old staff out there wanted to come back, but we wanted you all to know you are welcome to again!

SoLoM yay i can reapply now!

5.3 Patch Notes

Adzel_Firestar aSenior Modo posted Sun at 0:53  -  Silent's Patch Notes

Hey guys, sorry for the late post, but its Saturday and its also Patch Day! The 5.3 Patch also known as the Buff Patch is now live on Fire and Heart! The Patch Notes are a bit long so we are posting it in a Google Doc for your convenience. Check out the new Farming Content, updated Zombies, Ascension System buffs, and all the other goodies!

5.3 Patch Notes:

Ad Slot Going Away for a While

Adzel_Firestar aSenior Modo posted Apr 11, 18

Hello everyone. With the ad slot expiring here very soon, so must we say good bye to the ad slot sale. The Ad Slot 75% OFF Sale will officially be ending this Sunday April 15th. Scoop up all your last minute goodies!!

5.2.1 Patch Notes

Adzel_Firestar aSenior Modo posted Apr 7, 18  -  Silent's Patch Notes

5.2.1 Patch Notes

  • New Mines. Ascension 4, 6, 35, 125, and new A50 and A100 mines as well.
  • New Spawn Area! /spawn
  • New /warp miner area.
  • Farming Crate Keys have been added. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Mining Keys. So we added the Farming ones. they are basically the same thing as mining crate keys, except they have farming prizes instead. They spawn 100% from lucky hales bales.
  • All mines, spawn, tutorial, warp miner, as well as most other features have been moved to a single world. this means the only time you will go to another world will be when you go to your plot, or to the arena!
  • Fixed a bug where the cigs message wasn't appearing when looting a lucky chest from an ascension mine. You were getting the cigs, the message had been removed by mistake.
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