Merry Xmas!!!!!

Pokemon_383 aHead-Admin posted Dec 24, 17

FraggleCraft is wishing you a Merry Xmas by having a x3 cig block event running throughout the entire day! Happy Holidays <3!! ~FraggleCraft Family 

We are proud to announce that the Mining Update is LIVE!!!! We apologize for how long it took to get this update live. We tried our best and took a lot of feedback from you the player. This update wouldn’t of been as good if it wasn’t for those who spent days on the beta testing. Thank you to all the beta testers out there. We really appreciate you. This being said water is officially going offline and taking a vacation this winter. (It didn’t want to become ICE)


We are celebrating the holidays by giving back to the players make sure to check out /event!!!!

We are kicking off the update by having a 70% UPDATE SALE on the store (This doesn’t include any subscription/ Custom Donations)


Patch Notes

  • Mining Update

-A-Z Ranks/Mines removed

Tutorial Rank replacing A-Z

-/warp miner added

-Mining and BlackSmith Level Added

-Craftable pickaxes/Hoes

-Custom Ores

-ShotGun Enchant added

-Recycler NPC is back with new shards at /warp miner!!!

-Cig shop added at /warp miner

-Ascension Skill Revamp

-New Ascension Mines added

-Mining Crate

-Repairing with the blacksmith Cost now scales with Ascension rank

-/Rankup now works for Ascension rankups

-Ascension Rankup button removed from Ascender

-Unbreakable enchant cost increased


  • Farming Update

-Farming Crate FIXED

-Farming can go up to lvl 99

-New seeds added


  • __Donor__

-Premium and Vip subscription

added to the donor store

-Donor kits have a 7 day

cooldown now

-Donor Pickaxes got buffed

-Toggleable tags in /settings


  • Misc

-Vote Party Revamped

-Loot Crate Changes

-Vote Crate Changes

-Auction House changed from cigs to money

-Block shop has new blocks and changed from cigs to money

-Backpack upgrades now cost money

-Parkour Rebalanced

-Daily deals removed

The big one is coming....!!!

Pokemon_383 aHead-Admin posted Dec 18, 17

Well guys we are officially into the final phase of Beta Testing. Come try out the final additions to the update. This update includes the final version of the new opening tutorial, Ascension 50, 75, and 100 mines, a brand new and more even more exciting Ascension Talent Tree System, Enchantment Shard Packs, a new Cig Shop, and countless other changes!

A final reminder as well everyone that money, cigs, and Auction House will be completely cleared on the update as well as water closing. Make sure to contact Zach or Poke about getting anything transferred off still if you were a Water main.

Official Launch ETA: 24-48 hours

We are going to start taking request for a 1 time transfer of your character on Water to Fire or Heart. You will be allowed to transfer 1 Pick axe, 1 Hoe , Your Ascension Rank, and anything else you donated for. (There will be a few exception this). Please contact Pokemon_383 or MrZachGaming for the transfer. Any questions you may have about this can also be brought up to us.

Please use the following format when contacting us

In game name:
Transfer Server: (Fire/Heart)
Ascension Rank:
Donor Rank:
Donor purchases: (anything else you donated for)

Please make sure to have your pick axe and hoe inside your inventories.

Please remember that Cigs/Money will be reset with the update. Make sure to use them while you can!

The Auction House will also be getting a change from cigs into money so make sure to clear any listings you still have up

INutOnKiddos INutOnKiddos Transfer to Fire As: 15 Donor Rank-Ares I currently have a Zeus Pick

Sorry for the late announcement guys but I want to keep everyone informed on the changes that will be comming.

-First I want to state that on the update, the AH will be cleared completely, so please do not post any new auctions and -->Remove<-- all your current listings.

-Also with this update, we will be temporarily closing OP Water until player counts are back in a higher range. I have discussed with staff on how we want to handle this.
> We are going to allow a 1 time transfer of your character on Water to Fire or Heart. You will be allowed to transfer 1 Pickaxe, your Ascension Rank, and any donor stuff.
> Details of how donor stuff will be handled will be discussed with you directly when we are transfering your character.
> All data on water will remain exactly as is, even if you transfer a character off water.
> Once we get closer to launching the new update, we will post that we will start transferring players, please do not contact or bother staff until this time.
> The reason for disabling Water is we dont want to spread the player base so thin as we continue to grow as a server.
> Once player counts have returned to a better place, we will bring water back online


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