We are going to start taking request for a 1 time transfer of your character on Water to Fire or Heart. You will be allowed to transfer 1 Pick axe, 1 Hoe , Your Ascension Rank, and anything else you donated for. (There will be a few exception this). Please contact Pokemon_383 or MrZachGaming for the transfer. Any questions you may have about this can also be brought up to us.

Please use the following format when contacting us

In game name:
Transfer Server: (Fire/Heart)
Ascension Rank:
Donor Rank:
Donor purchases: (anything else you donated for)

Please make sure to have your pick axe and hoe inside your inventories.

Please remember that Cigs/Money will be reset with the update. Make sure to use them while you can!

The Auction House will also be getting a change from cigs into money so make sure to clear any listings you still have up

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