Creative IS BACK :D

Pokemon_383 aHead-Admin posted Dec 2, 17

Creative Server is officially back Online! All Players and Plots have been reset as a compromise to get Creative back Online. Hope you guys enjoy. Oh, btw, Plots are now 200x200. ~Silent

Phase 2 of the Beta Test

Pokemon_383 aHead-Admin posted Dec 2, 17

Phase 2 of the Beta Test has begun! Sorry for the delay. This update includes more money balances, a much smoother scaling and more interactive ascension system, lower level custom ores/fuel are easier to get at the start, working blacksmithing values, other game balances, and a lot of quality of life changes. Beta Tester inventories, data, rank, etc have all been cleared. Come and give some feedback. ^-^ ^-^ I also wanted to publicly announce ahead of time that when this update officially goes Live, all Money will be cleared. So please spend all your in-game money before we update (there will be a final announcement b4 servers officially update (NO ETA)). The reason for this is in the new update, money earned and money scaling will work differently (mostly higher scaling numbers). I wanted to make sure everyone has plenty of time to spend there cash. ~Silent

Addition to the post. Some players were asking if Cigs will also reset. Yes, they will. but you have plenty of time to spend them! Ranks, Ascensions, Donor Ranks, etc etc will all remain as is.

Live BETA now open!

Pokemon_383 aHead-Admin posted Nov 5, 17

The long awaited Live Beta Test is now Open! Players can now connect to the Beta Server through the Hub Compass! The Beta is open Live to any and all players and we welcome you to log in and give it a try! We will be taking in tremendous amounts of feed back this week. The Beta contains a pretty significant amount of changes and updates, but not quite all. The Beta Server will be restarted frequently with changes and updates , so please keep that in mind. Otherwise come enjoy your sneak peeks and be a part for the upcoming Fraggle Update! ~Silent

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