5.8.2 Patch

Ariewan posted Feb 24, 19


Patch 5.8.2 is now Live on FraggleCraft! Whilst not a major update, it has a few nice fixes.

Patch Notes:

- Competitions no longer crash on server restarts!

- Current Vote Party progress no longer resets on server restarts!

- Fixed glitch/bug in MA from duplicating/deleting extra armor items!

- Item Frames/Paintings/Armor Stands are now properly protected on Farming Chunks!

- Valentine Roses from players that changed their name will now automatically update to the players new name on use!

- Mob Arena Potion upgrade button now works again!

- Distill enchantment description no longer says its broken.

The December/January Build Event results have finally been tallied and all the builds have been judged. All builders will be contacted via DM over the next 48 hours with their rewards!

Builds from Vindicates, Cqntinued, 1noskcaj, Dragonseeker999, KnucklesGuy, Reshatt, and Pokey/Skyla should find their ways onto the server soon!

Also! The Build Event channel on Discord has been converted into #creative-build-submissions . You can now submit a new build any time you want for potential rewards! Head over to /creative and build something amazing!

Congratulations Everyone!

5.8.1 Patch!

Ariewan posted Feb 16, 19

Happy Valentines Day!

Ariewan posted Feb 14, 19

Happy Valentines Day fellow Fragglers!

To celebrate, 24 hours of Boost All Skills has been activated!! Come enjoy the new Valentines Event and don't forget to log on to claim your Valentines Day Achievement!

Greetings Fragglers, 
The 5.8 Patch AND Valentines Event are now Live! There is a special Achievement for logging in ON Valentines Day, so make sure to login at least once TODAY!!! FraggleCraft’s Resource Pack has also been updated! Use /rpack link to get the new version.

Valentines Event!
- Limited Time Minigame: VDay Treasure Mine! The Treasure Mine runs once every hour for 5 minutes. Mine blocks to find treasure blocks and get GG Rewards!
- New Item: Candy Hearts! Collect these from Mining, Farming, Fishing, and Mob Arena! Use them to gain Hearts to spend in the /event shop! Candy Hearts have 5 unique colors and over 25 different custom messages! Collect them all!!!!
- New Item: Cupids Bow -  A limited time collectors bow. This bow cannot be leveled or enchanted but any arrow fired from it will have a heart trail effect!
- New Item: Cupid’s Quiver - Similar to Santa’s Magical Sack, Cupid’s Quiver allows you to open your Vaults by simply Right-Clicking the item!
- New Item: Love Arrow - This arrow can be shot by any bow and leaves a heart trail.
- New Item: Love Note Arrow - Similar to the Love Arrow but this arrow can have a custom message set on it which will be sent to a player it hits!
- New Item: Valentine Rose - Give this rose to a friend or that special someone! When they use this item, both players will get hearts around them!
- 2 New Valentines Parkour Courses! /parkour
- 7 New Limited Time Valentines Achievements! /ach
- 11 Limited Time Tags! Examples: [Valentines], [In Love], [HeartBroken], [ForeverAlone], [LoveSick], [Admirer], and several others! Tags can be found in Achievements and in the /event shop!
- Several other ingame items are also available in the /event shop for Hearts.
- A few more Valentines features coming shortly after the release.

Full 5.8 Patch Notes:

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