Sorry for the late announcement guys but I want to keep everyone informed on the changes that will be comming.

-First I want to state that on the update, the AH will be cleared completely, so please do not post any new auctions and -->Remove<-- all your current listings.

-Also with this update, we will be temporarily closing OP Water until player counts are back in a higher range. I have discussed with staff on how we want to handle this.
> We are going to allow a 1 time transfer of your character on Water to Fire or Heart. You will be allowed to transfer 1 Pickaxe, your Ascension Rank, and any donor stuff.
> Details of how donor stuff will be handled will be discussed with you directly when we are transfering your character.
> All data on water will remain exactly as is, even if you transfer a character off water.
> Once we get closer to launching the new update, we will post that we will start transferring players, please do not contact or bother staff until this time.
> The reason for disabling Water is we dont want to spread the player base so thin as we continue to grow as a server.
> Once player counts have returned to a better place, we will bring water back online


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