Ad Slot Going Away for a While

Adzel_Firestar aWeb Admino posted Apr 11, 18

Hello everyone. With the ad slot expiring here very soon, so must we say good bye to the ad slot sale. The Ad Slot 75% OFF Sale will officially be ending this Sunday April 15th. Scoop up all your last minute goodies!!

5.2.1 Patch Notes

Adzel_Firestar aWeb Admino posted Apr 7, 18  -  Silent's Patch Notes

5.2.1 Patch Notes

  • New Mines. Ascension 4, 6, 35, 125, and new A50 and A100 mines as well.
  • New Spawn Area! /spawn
  • New /warp miner area.
  • Farming Crate Keys have been added. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Mining Keys. So we added the Farming ones. they are basically the same thing as mining crate keys, except they have farming prizes instead. They spawn 100% from lucky hales bales.
  • All mines, spawn, tutorial, warp miner, as well as most other features have been moved to a single world. this means the only time you will go to another world will be when you go to your plot, or to the arena!
  • Fixed a bug where the cigs message wasn't appearing when looting a lucky chest from an ascension mine. You were getting the cigs, the message had been removed by mistake.

Hello everyone! Addy here. The forums have had a massive update for the first time in a while, I thought it would be wise to make a post about it. Below, is a list of the things that have been fixed and/or did to make your experience here on Fraggle, a good one. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or bugs relating to the website; Post them here.

  1. Cleared out the apps and appeals, and made sure it looks sleeker and cleaner. This is so people see our forums and notice how well maintained they are.
  2. Added a link to the appeals section in the forums to point here. This is so that we have less drama on the forums/appeals in general.
  3. Added some more personal forums to the forum list. It used to be all business, but now there is stuff like games! Remember when posting a game to write out rules, and if doing a game follow the rules. Just remember that all forum rules and server rules apply.
  4. The discord status on the right is no longer "Registered users only". It is now accessable to guests as well. Why it was set to registered in the first place was beyond me, but it is fixed!
  5. Certain Discord channels like Anything-Goes have been added to the forums now too! Feel free to vent til your heart's content, as long as it isn't too toxic and follows site rules.

Remember to speak up about any suggestions or ideas! We wanna revive the website and the forums, and we can not do that without you!

Mining Competition is fixed!

Adzel_Firestar aWeb Admino posted Apr 3, 18

The Weekday Mining Competition has started! It will be live for 48 hours just like the Weekend Mining Comp. The mining comp has been changed slightly in that it no longer counts strictly blocks mined. It uses a mining points system that you earn while mining. Unlike the old system, the new system is 100% balanced regardless of what pick you use! There will still be a Weekend Mining Comp this weekend as well. This weekday comp is a test run to make sure mining comp will never break again. Sorry about the last comp breaking, I hope this makes up for it!

Sorry guys, this is a much longer patch note than you are used to, but as stated below there are some changes that were not announced when first released. I hope you all enjoy the new features!

- Lots of undocumented changes. Sorry I was not able to record and keep track of them, I will try to remember them all. I will state on each line if this update was issued between 5.2 and 5.1.2.
- Fixed Achievements not being able to work or be claimed on the first day a Player joins the server, or comes back after a long time! Very sorry for this over sight everyone.
- New Auction House Filter. The AH will no longer allow any non-custom item (aside from pickaxes) to be posted. The AH will also block any UUID-Locked items as well. Let's try to clean your Auction House clean you guys :P
- Added in a new Auto-Restarter. This one is coded directly into the prison and goes off after 24 hours. All online players will be sudo'd to the hub and the server will restart. Also announces when server is restarting at certain intervals. - Type /autore to see the remaining till the next automatic restart!
- The tutorial has been re-designed. The tutorial is now about 80% shorter, and includes only selective information. The Custom Mining/Blacksmithing tutorials have also been moved to their own tutorial location at /warp oretutorial. This should help new players get into mining and other feature move gradually, rather than all at once.
- /warp farmer area has been visually updated.
- New Mining Crate Keys! Ok so not completely new, but re-designed. Mining Crate Keys can be found in any Lucky Chest found while mining. Mining Crate Keys are UUID-Locked meaning only the person who found it can use it. However, there are some prizes in this key that CAN be traded! These keys are a trial run for adding in keys for all skill types (Arena, Farming, Fishing), so that is why there is currently only ones for mining.
- Lucky Chests can now proc off successfully mining a Custom Ore Node! (Fuel included)
- Completely removed the Tutorial Rank. Players will now start off at Ascension 0. Hopefully this will be less confusing. 'Rest in Peace' Fraggle Rank System."2013-2018"
- Cleaned out a lot more dead code out of the Prison plugin from the beginning of its creation. No server content is affected from these deletes, it deserves an honorary mention.
- Added in an Ascension requirement for mining Custom Ores. Players must now be Ascension 5 or higher to mine Custom Ores. Custom Ore still have their Miner Level requirements. This change is designed to help spread out the content on FraggleCraft so new players won't feel so overwhelmed in the tutorial.
- Added in an Ascension requirement for starting Farming. Players must now be Ascension 10 or start the Farming Skill. - /farmer no longer will require a Donor Rank to use. Enjoy Farmers!
- Sped up the load in speed for custom regions (things like mines) a lot. This should help Fire/Heart restart even faster! - Fixed a bug with the Mining Blocks achievements scaling to hard at the end. Too many zeroes... I probably should sleep more between working.... xD
- Custom Pickaxes made from Blacksmithing have had their enchantment amounts raised another ~10-15%.
- Increased Lucky Chest spawn rates by ~20%! Wooo!
- Fixed some bugs for Skills that reach level 99, Whoops! Glad we found that now! xD - /as command has been changed to /talents . /talents also no longer requires a donor rank or Perk to access remotely. /as will still work but will be phased out.
- Doubled the cost of Cigs to rush Ingots in the Smelter.
- Shards were buffed across the board (except Junk Shards). All Shards had their minimum enchantments needed raised, but all shards (except junk) will now proc a lot more enchantments. This was an undocumented change.
- Fortune was adjusted to have a smaller enchantment "weight" as well as procs more on custom pickaxes. This was an undocumented change.
- Donor kits no longer give swords and armor. This is a change made to move forward with updating Donor kits. I plan to add more to them in the future. This was an undocumented change.
- /kit pick had its kit timer increased from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. The pick also had its Bomb enchant removed as well as other stats slightly lowered. Sorry guys, balance is required! This was an undocumented change.
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